Merchant Seller for State and Federal Fulfillment

Our goal is to provide quality, flexibility  and timely fulfillment for customer needs and requests

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We are here to provide flexible, competitive pricing and quick fulfillment to local municipalities, state and federal governments. We strive to foresee needs, keep detailed budgets and deliver on all projected projects. We are here to whenever needed and will always provide the best experience possible.



Feel free to reach out to use with any concerns

We are here for any questions or concerns you may have with our fulfilment and services provided


Our Specialization

Our expertise


We track and monitor all purchase order until deliver and customer is pleased

Future planning

We spend our effort seeing future needs and wants for our customers. this allows us to find the best prices and availability of products and services


All purchases are broken down into every small detailed cost and tracked for extreme precision

Interior Design​

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Site Planning

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Our Expert Team

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Gary Gardner


James Gardner

Purchasing Officer